School Signs

 Why Invest In An Outdoor School Sign?

Parent-Teacher organizations must carefully prioritize school needs when deciding how to spend hard-earned profits from fund raisers.

All successful school programs are backed by a large, active parent support network. With increasingly busy schedules, parents rely on the school to deliver information about ongoing activities in a timely manner. Schools report a dramatic increase in participation after purchasing a sign with a message capability. Your new sign reminds families of current activities each time their child is dropped off or picked up at school.

Increased parent involvement distributes the workload enabling the school to pursue higher goals and launch more successful fund raisers. Consequently, you are able to obtain items for your school’s “wish list” such as computer playground equipment, and library books.

Teachers and staff members have raved about the amount of time and paperwork they’ve been able to save by reaching the public with the message board. How many letters are sent home with students but never reach the parents’ hands?

A sign is a symbol of who you are. It distinguishes you from all others, proudly displaying your school name, colors, and mascot. And it is your voice. Congratulate, encourage, announce, but make your presence known!

School Signs serve to provide a critical communication link between the School and Parents, between Teachers and Students.  School spirit is the result of increasing the engagement of and the enthusiastic involvement of the entire community

  • Attract Attention of Your Community
  • Announce Upcoming Events
  • Advertise Fundraising Events
  • Acknowledge Student Achievements
  • Stimulate School Pride

Nothing does this better than a School Sign.

The right School Sign can capture the attention of everyone who passes by. Let your community know “what’s happening” at your school!

  • Recognize student, teacher and school achievements.
  • Announce school functions, sporting events, and special occasions.
  • Promote fundraisers and special events
  • Recognize and honor volunteers and sponsors.

School Sign Options

Changeable Letter Signs
LED Signs